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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by!


I’m Gwen Eleanor. I love bright colors in tropical, pastel, and jewel tones. I also like incorporating minimalism in both my designs and my lifestyle.

During the day, you can find me out and about with my two li’l boys on one of our mini adventures. At night once they fall asleep (assuming I have not fallen asleep with them), I play with watercolors, catch up with my reading, or do freelance work as a content writer and graphic designer.

I am a writer by heart, but everything I know now about graphic design, I have learned all by myself through research and online tutorials. My creative pursuit not only enriches me as an individual but also insatiates my thirst for self-expression which I don’t get from writing. I actually much prefer copyediting and proofreading to writing.


If you had just stumbled upon here by chance, feel free to roam around and get inspired.


If you are looking for someone to write and design for you, then you are on the right side of the world wide web! Reach me by filling out the form below: