Mon avis (/mo-na-vee/) is a French phrase meaning “my opinion”. Now guess what this blog will be all about? That’s right- mon avis, you clever earthling! My aim is to write and share my take on just about every thing under the sun, or maybe over and beyond that too, who knows?

For now, I’ll focus on writing about the things I love doing,
reading books, creating, um, art?, going for sunset walks, etc.

things I’m trying to learn at present,
yup, blogging!, living the hygge life, the French language, etc.

and things I would like to try,
fishing on an open sea, knitting socks and rugs, writing a novel, etc.

All these will be kept under the Passions category.

I will also be writing about my career: insights and misadventures as I fulfill my duties and responsibilities- cooking, housekeeping, and parenting.

These will all go to the Homemaking category.

The rest will fall under the Thoughts category, where I will be musing upon my life (or someone else’s life), pondering over how I can change the world, and delving into the deeper meaning of things, etc.

Whew, did that sound so dramatic?

I’d really appreciate it if you also share and express your opinions via the comment sections, so feel free!

If you want to know what my mission and purpose in life is, see Proverbs 31 of the Holy Bible. If you want to know what I do most of the days, see above, especially the passions and homemaking part.

And if you really want to know more about me, follow Mon Avis!

See you around! 🌻