For days I’ve been tinkering and exploring this blogosphere and it was only yesterday that I stumbled upon Blogging University. This is my first assignment, actually.

So, this is supposed to be my very first published post, which makes sense because really, why have I not thought about introducing myself and my blog first? I jumped right into publishing random things in my head just for the sake of having content to see when I try out themes.

Since I’ve already published a few posts where you can read snippets about me, here I am now, attempting to re-introduce myself to the world.


Hi, my name is Gwen (why do I feel awkward) and I’m a 22-year old stay-at-home mother about to give birth to our second baby in a month or so. Ha! So much for first impressions…

I live in a small 70-ish sqm house somewhere in the Philippines together with my mother and my 5-year old son. My father is just a 5-hour drive away, working in a company where I had my first job right after I earned my bachelor’s degree in accountancy. I quit (obviously) to be a stay-at-home mom instead.

I am not YET married to the father of my children, because having kids, as we believe, should not be the reason why we should get married. He’s currently working in Japan and this is our first taste of a long distance relationship. We’re still getting to know ourselves and each other, and are still both young, so… no rush. I believe it will be worth the wait.

One important thing you have to know is that I’ve always kept a diary, nothing fancy, just old blank notebooks lying around because I’m such a notebook hoarder. I love rereading them, especially when I feel lost and need to reconnect with my inner-self. Or more truthfully, I was just innocently cleaning my room and they seem to always have these squinting eyes following me around, mocking me to come and read them because they know I’m bored. Trust me,they just know. (On hindsight, I only clean around when I’m bored)

Everytime I finish getting a glimpse of what my life has been (or at least what I thought my life has been), I always feel a sense of pride, even after reading those parts that makes me cringe and grossed out with myself. It makes me realize how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve learned. It reminds me of the little things that made me truly happy, and to keep going because not everything is as big a deal as I thought they were once I made it through.


Maybe it’s just the pregnancy hormones? Okay, so I realized now that I can’t just let the potential enlightenment and inspirations stuck inside those eye-squinting diaries. I want to share to the world my views and opinions on things I’m passionate about- life in general, motherhood, books, art, and other few things I have yet to try and learn (constellations, yoga, knitting, gardening, etc.)

Also, as I’ve discovered on my first time around here, setting up a blog is so much more than just writing and sharing your content. One thing I love most about blogging so far is the community. It helps me connect with like-minded people and discover topics I never thought I’d be interested in. In these first few days alone, I’ve already learned a lot and have been inspired so much!

Thanks for stopping by, and tune in for my second assignment. See you around!


5 thoughts on “Who I Am And Why I’m Here

  1. Wow! I did the same thing, jumped in without a plan, so I too am now trying Blogging University, only difference I started from fresh and got rid of my few previous posts. Looking forward to reading your future posts.

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