I first discovered this book on Goodreads. It was one of the top recommended books under the Young Adult Fiction, which I usually look up to whenever I need something to read. Also, since I follow almost all book groups/clubs/pages in my Facebook and Instagram account, I get the latest news about the next big thing in the book world, like “The Top 10 Books To Read This Summer” etc., and this book seems to be on every list.

The Girl On The Train was practically everywhere. I have read what it’s about and to be honest, it’s not interesting enough for me. I downloaded it anyway because see, it was haunting me. It’s on my social media feeds even months after its first release.

Then came the movie announcement. I was convinced eventually that this must be something really great. So I started reading it. It was my first read this 2017. I finished it in a week. It’s not really a page-turner, although it claims to be a psychological “thriller”. I, however, was not at all thrilled, even when Megan went missing. It did not give me sleepless nights trying to get to the point where the mystery of Megan’s case will finally be revealed.

I like the characters’ depth and personalities though, especially the three girls. What I don’t like about the book overall is how the story was presented. I don’t know how to write it in any other way that will make it better, so don’t ask me. I just didn’t really like the flow.

I still rated it 4/5 stars because it was such a great eye-opener about what it’s like to not be able to conceive a child, to be an alcoholic, and to be abused, all in Rachel’s persona. She was jealous of Anna, her husband’s new wife, and somehow of Megan, thinking that they had everything she wanted- a happy home, a sense of belongingness. It’s trying to teach us that, though it may sound so cliché, not everything is as perfect as it seems. It’s telling us that we should stop wasting our lives trying to compare ourselves to others because we always have the choice to make ourselves better. Life is all about competing against yourself and becoming better than yesterday, because that’s how we grow.

They struggle alone, afraid of what others may think about them, and so they try very hard to put up the façade that everything is well and in perfect harmony.

The ending did not tell exactly what happened next to Rachel and Anna, but I like to think that they are much better and happier now, however grave their connected pasts had been.

I cannot relate to the characters (which is why I think it took me ’til the end to really appreciate it), but in this world where many women are struggling with alcoholism and different forms of abuse, I see now why it’s so much recommended to read.

Many women are not aware that what’s happening to them is already a form of abuse. They struggle alone, afraid of what others may think about them, and so they try very hard to put up the façade that everything is well and in perfect harmony. They think that all of the negative feelings they feel are just part of life and would eventually go away. Because no one is perfect, right? No one is happy all the time.

What they fail to realize is that these bad situations and negative feelings shouldn’t be kept for so long. How much longer should one wait for the tides to turn, to finally be free and happy? This lack of awareness is the reason why they suffer a lot. They just wait for something to happen, for someone to make things happen- not considering that perhaps, they can make things happen.

I really appreciate Paula Hawkins for writing this book. I therefore recommend this to the world.

Don’t worry, unlike those book clubs on my feeds who can’t seem to stop talking about it, I’m just one person and I’m not gonna haunt you until you start reading it.


One thought on “The Girl On The Train: A Book Review

  1. Oh, you have a good point there, about the abuse. I must admit as a rule I’m not too sensitive to that because I’ve never experienced it – I guess that’s why it didn’t make me feel anything. That’s why it’s so important to have reviews by many different people.

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