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I’m Gwen, the author of this blog.

During the day, you can find me out and about with my two li’l boys on one of our mini adventures. I crunch numbers for a private school where I work. It’s been a year since I started working and honestly, I miss the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom. At the same time, I feel truly blessed to have such a fulfilling job as a Finance Officer.

At night once my two kids fall asleep, (assuming I have not fallen asleep with them) I write on my journal and play with watercolors, catch up with my reading/K-drama marathon, or have late-night talks and midnight snacks with my fiancé do freelance work as a content writer and graphic designer. So really, 95% of my time revolves around being a super-millennial-mom. The rest is me-time, which includes my babbling and yammering on this blog.

If you had just stumbled upon here by chance, feel free to roam around and, perhaps, get inspired?

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